Tricovel® Vials for men and women with Physiogenina

Physiogenina innovation: the new cutting-edge formula of Tricovel® anti-hair loss Vials for men and women


Seasons change, pollution, smoking, unbalanced diet, stress: in case of hair-loss in women and men, the causes can be different and concomitant. The result is a phenomenon that can be intense, but restricted to a limited period of time. When hair-loss and hair thinning are temporary and not related to ageing, a targeted action on the bulb is ideal.

Tricovel® Vials for men and women with Physiogenina is the solution that revolutionises the anti-hair loss adjuvant treatments, the cutting-edge of Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research to counteract the temporary hair-loss and thinning of hair in men and women in an even more effective way. For women’s and men’s hair, Tricovel® Physiogenina Vials combine the power of innovation with the practicality of just 1 application every 3 days.


Core of these innovative vials is the exclusive Physiogenina complex, result of the most recent discoveries in the trichological field.

The most recent studies carried out on the mechanisms necessary for correct cellular function, including that awarded with the Nobel Prize, have focused on the physiological repairing process carried out by the human body cells when these are subjected to stress.

Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research, in collaboration with important research institutes, has focused on this process to evaluate its role on the activity of hair follicles. Research has led to an important discovery: self-repair is fundamental to support the active phase (anagen) of hair life-cycle. 

From this discovery comes the innovative Physiogenina exclusive complex, a combination of selected and exclusive active ingredients with a unique action: in vitro studies have shown that Physiogenina stimulates the physiological process of cell self-repair at follicle level. This action has an important effect in supporting the correct function of the hair follicle and the hair growth phase to preserve and prolong the life of your hair.

Its formula contains an active ingredient that has a specific action on the scalp, the environment in which the hair lives and from which it receives nutrients. The presence of Galeopsis, Giuliani natural and patented active ingredient, thanks to its antioxidant properties, is able to promote the well-being of the scalp.

Triactive3 Technology

Giuliani Research has applied to Tricovel® hair vials treatment the exclusive gradual and prolonged release Triactive3 technology (Giuliani Patent). Thanks to it, Tricovel® Physiogenina Vials:

  • has a triple concentration of active ingredients
  • reaches the hair follicle rapidly without being removed when hair is washed
  • it is deposited and gradually released over the course of 3 days for prolonged effectiveness

The dosage of Tricovel® vials for men and women therefore allows the application of 1 vial every 3 days. The dosage and effectiveness of Tricovel Vials has been tested in a clinical study.

When, how


When to use?


In case of temporary hair-loss and hair thinning of men and women caused by psychophysical stress, unbalanced diet and season changes.

How to use?

Apply the contents of 1 vial every 3 days. A treatment cycle of 3 months is recommended. The product can be used on dry or wet and buffered scalp.