Tricovel® Conditioner with Physiogenina

Tricovel® Fortifying Conditioner, new formula with Physiogenina: for hydrated and incredibly soft hair.


Restore that hair softness that makes it so pleasant to the touch, making it stronger and more resistant to the external factors that, chemically or mechanically, can attack the fibre, weakening it. It is precisely for this purpose that, after washing hair with a specific shampoo, the application of a conditioner is fundamentalto moisturise hair, dehydrated by heat of hairdryer, hair straightener and hair iron, and by the chemical components of dyes and perms, and to protect it from future external stress.

Tricovel® Fortifying Conditioner is a creamy hair product of the new fortifying cosmetic line with Physiogenina, an innovative formula developed by Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research to restore strength and well-being to hair. Adjuvant to the action of Tricovel® Tablets and Vials, the Fortifying Conditioner is the ideal complement to the Shampoo of the same line and it is specific for weak, fragile and brittle hair, with a tendency to fall out.

Tricovel® Fortifying Conditioner with Physiogenina has been tested under dermatological control and formulated to minimise the risk of allergy.


Give strength, softness and silkiness to your hair with Tricovel® Fortifying Conditioner


The Conditioner of the new Tricovel® line for hair with a tendency to fall out performs its precious after-shampoo action thanks to its innovative Physiogenina complex, result of the most recent Giuliani discoveries in the trichological field. In vitro studies have shown to be effective in promoting well-being of hair follicle and scalp, supporting the physiological process of cell self-repair.

Tricovel® Conditioner is also rich in selected moisturising substances and special film-forming components. While the former moisturise the hair fibre, making it more elastic and resistant to external agents, the latter film hair and scalp, protecting them from destructuring cosmetic treatments or frequent and aggressive styling treatments (dyes, perms).

The presence of specific conditioning agents allows hair to be quickly disentangled and, by performing an antistatic action, makes it soft, silky, light and easy to comb.

The patented micellar release technology makes the active ingredients adhere to the hair and scalp, resist rinsing, thus prolonging their action.

When, how

When to use?


In case of weak, fragile and brittle, hair, therefore with a tendency to fall out due to factors such as stress, season changes, imbalanced diet and sun exposure.

How to use?

Apply Tricovel® Conditioner on wet hair, leave it in place for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Where to buy?

Tricovel® Physiogenina Conditioner – 150ml tube – is available in pharmacies.