Tricovel® Tablets with NeoSincroBiogenina

Tricovel® NeoSincroBiogenina Tablets, the result of Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research for strong, thick and voluminous hair.


Tricovel® NeoSincroBiogenina is a cutting-edge food supplement in tablets that combines all the experience and innovation of Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research to take care of hair in a unique way and restore its strength and well-being carrying out a more focused action on hair from the inside.

Hair food supplements in pharmacies are not all the same: Tricovel® tablets with NeoSincroBiogenina increases its effectiveness by adding a unique and patented complex , result of Giuliani’s most recent discoveries in the trichological field, to active ingredients with a recognised action on hair.

In order to be effective, a food supplement must also have the capability of making its active ingredients available in an optimal way to perform their action. The patented sustained release technology of Tricovel tablets optimizes this way the action of its active ingredients on hair.

The unique and rich formulation of Tricovel® tablets with NeoSincroBiogenina, combines:

– a patented antioxidant complex  of Olea EuropaeaVitis Vinifera and Selenium, which contributes to protecting cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals that attack hair too and are one of the main cause of its weakening,

– specific ingredients including Arginine and Ornithine, essential amino-acids, Calcium PantothenateBiotin, useful for maintaining healthy hair, Vitamins B6 and C, useful for normal energy-yelding metabolism (the hair follicle needs a high amount of energy to grow), Zinc, whose liposomal form increases its absorption and bioavailability, and that contributes to the normal synthesis of proteins, including keratin, one of the main hair components that determines its shape and volume.

The formulation of new Tricovel® NeoSincroBiogenina tablets is completed by the new R-Plus technology, a gradual release system , capable of optimally delivering the active ingredients during the day and optimising their assimilation and availability for a greater effectiveness.

RESULT: optimal bioavailability and absorption of active ingredients for a greater effectiveness.

Thanks to this technology, the product is also more digestible

Tricovel® NeoSincroBiogenina tablets has been tested in a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial for 2 months on healthy men and women, with persistent hair-loss for at least one month.

With only 1 tablet daily, hair has been found stronger and fuller.*

The study has also been shown that the new tablets provide rapid result, already visible after 1 month. *

*Increased resistance of hair to traction (pull test) and reduced number of hairs lost during hair wash (wash test).

When to use?


When hair looks weak and fragile with a tendency to fall out, due to psychophysical stress, unbalanced diet, season changes, exposure to sun or when it can be useful to supplement your diet with nutrients with targeted action to restore hair beauty. Suitable for men and women.

How to use?

1 tablet a day, preferably with breakfast or main meal. It is recommended a 2 months treatment, which can be repeated if necessary, even 2/3 times a year.