Tricovel® Signal Revolution Shampoo


Tricovel® Signal Revolution Shampoo: complementary product to a revolutionary treatment.


Tricovel® Signal Revolution Shampoo is the specific co-adjuvant of Signal Revolution Intensive Strengthening and Redensifying Treatment in lotion form. In order to optimise the anti-hair loss effectiveness of any topical treatment, it is always recommended to combine it with the right complementary product. Signal Revolution Shampoo with S-R patent supports the action of Signal Revolution Intensive Strengthening and Redensifying Treatment.


Ideal for fragile and thinned hair, Signal Revolution Shampoo acts on the hair fibre and scalp, preparing optimal condition for the activity of Tricovel® Signal Revolution Intensive Strengthening and Redensifying Treatment.

The Scalp Care Technology gently cleanses the scalp without attacking it and helps to alleviate irritation, frequently cause of hair loss; it promotes the balance of the environment around the hair bulb, creating an optimal condition for the intensive activity of topical treatment and, therefore, for the growth of stronger and more vigorous hair.

patented complex of osmoprotectors protects hair, making it stronger and more resistant to external aggression.

Panthenol gives volume and shine to hair leaving it visibly healthy and beautiful.

Dermatologically tested and ultra-delicate formula.

When, how

When to use?


In case of fragile and thinned hair or to prepare the scalp for topical treatment with Tricovel® Signal Revolution. It is also ideal a daily use for hair protection.

How to apply?

Use as a normal shampoo in each wash. Apply on wet hair and massage until it forms a delicate and light foam. Allow to act for a few minutes, then rinse.