Tricovel® Signal Revolution Lotion

Tricovel® Signal Revolution Lotion


Signal Revolution: the topical treatment that transmits a daily signal to your hair

Tricovel® Signal Revolution is the new, revolutionary Intensive Strengthening and Redensifying Treatment, result of the collaboration of Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research with the world’s most experienced researchers in hair biology. Thanks to the exclusive S-R patent, Signal Revolution topical treatment helps to counteract hair loss and stimulate hair growth by transmitting a signal to OR2AT4, a sensory receptor in the hair follicle.


Tricovel® Signal Revolution is an innovative topical treatment in lotion form formulated for men and women to counteract persistent and intense hair loss caused by stress, dietary deficiencies and pharmaceutical treatments. The lotion restores density and volume to hair, reactivating its natural strength and emphasasing its original beauty, thanks to an exclusive formulation, double results of Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research:


OR2AT4 receptor – Sensory receptor in the hair follicle which, if stimulated, can affect hair life-cycle.

S-R molecule – Molecule capable of stimulating the follicle through the OR2AT4 receptor, transmitting a signal to hair.

This new mechanism acts on the active growth phase of hair, stimulating the shaft elongation and delaying the entrance into the regression phase of the hair.

Signal Revolution topical treatment combines a revolutionary mechanism of action with a pleasant fragrance. It quickly penetrates without making hair greasy or weighing it down; it’s therefore ideal for daily use.


Tricovel® Signal Revolution is a dermocosmetic product, which effectiveness has been tested under dermatological control in a double-blind randomised clinical trial versus placebo on men and women. After 12 weeks, with a daily application of the product, a significant decrease in hair loss was proved.

When, how

When to use?


Indicated in case of persistent and intense hair loss in men and women. It is also ideal for taking care of your hair every day, stimulating its active growth phase.

How to apply?

Apply 6 drops on wet or dry scalp daily, starting with the thinnest areas, gently massage the scalp with the fingertips to encourage the penetration of the product. Do not rinse.

Recommended treatment: 3 months.

To prepare the scalp for the treatment, use Tricovel® Signal Revolution Shampoo for each hair wash.