Tricovel® Nutri Color Strengthening Shampoo Colour Protector


Coloured hair but always bright and strong? Tricovel® Nutri Color Shampoo

Tricovel® Nutri Color Strengthening Shampoo is the first step of the beauty and protection programme after Tricovel® dye treatment in order to integrate its benefits in terms of brightness and nourishment for hair.

Between one colouration and another, do you feel that the brilliance of your hair is no longer the same? Discolouration and weakening are quite common consequences of dyeing treatments, especially if carried out with a certain frequency. For this reason, it is important to take care of coloured hair on a regular base by applying specific products that protect colour and preserve its energy.



Tricovel® Nutri Color Shampoo is a strengthening shampoo designed to enhance and prolong the brightness of coloured hair. Its new formula is enriched with a unique system of patented and carefully selected active ingredients to preserve hair strength and colour intensity for a more and more complete protective action:

SincroBiogenina – exclusive patented combination of antioxidants, which protects and strengthens hair.

Hair Barrier Complex – complex of ceramides that reproduces the hair barrier, to regenerate the fibre and fix the colour inside it.

Abyssinian Crambe Oil – nourishing oil that softens hair and enhances the colour brightness.

When, how

How to apply?

Apply the shampoo to wet hair, leave to act for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.