Tricovel® Energy Strengthening Shampoo

More energy and strength to men’s hair, with Tricovel® Energy Strengthening Shampoo

Designed to strengthen men’s hair and to act as an ideal complementary product to Tricovel® Energy Tablets and Vials, this shampoo provides energy to men’s hair and visibly gives it more body.


Tricovel® Energy Strengthening Shampoo for men performs its beneficial action on hair thanks to a unique formula, which combines two exclusive patented complexes, ATP-3 and AJB-Complex, with active ingredients selected for their action on hair.Specific functional components restore hair body and vigour while precious ingredients, including plant derived ones and pro-Vitamin B5, protect scalp and hair giving it a pleasant softness.Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research, being aware that hair cleansing is a moment of relaxation and well-being, which at the same time can affect the condition of hair, has designed an extra delicate, oil-based and slightly foaming cleansing system. Thanks to this system, the product acts by affinity, removing impurities and respecting the lipid balance of hair and scalp. This type of cleansing makes the product suitable for sensitive skin.

When, how

When to use?
Tricovel® Energy Strengthening Shampoo is recommended for men when hair loses its body, is thinning and weak.How to use?Apply the product to wet hair, gently massage for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.