Tricovel® Energy Vials


Anti-hair loss vials for men: energy for hair growth


Do you want to give an energy boost to your weakened and thinning hair? Tricovel® Energy Vials for men, contains all the energy that hair needs to grow strong and powerful.

Tricovel® Energy Vials for men is an innovative topical, adjuvant anti-hair loss and energising treatment with ATP-3 and AJB-Complex, two complexes of active ingredients capable, on the one hand, of strengthening hair and, on the other hand, of providing it with a high energy boost.

With Tricovel® Energy Vials for men, energy arrives straight to the hair!


Energising action. In the innovative formula of Tricovel® Energy Vials for men, the patented ATP-3 complex combines three active ingredients with a recognised strengthening power: Arginine, Caffeine and Carnitine.


Their synergistic action provides hair with a high amount of energy necessary to support its vital functions: in-vitro studies have been shown that ATP-3 complex can significantly increase energy production.

Thanks to the activity of Caffeine on microcirculation its presence in the formula of Energy Vials, further promotes rapid supply of nutrients in the tissues around hair bulb,.

Reinforcing action. The formula of Tricovel® Energy Vials for men’s hair growth also includes the innovative AJB-Complex, that combines extracts of Ajuga Reptans with Biotin, an extremely useful vitamin for hair.

According to in-vitro studies, Ajuga Reptans is able to inhibit the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, one of the main causes of hair loss in men, and to protect hair from the action of free radicals.

At the same time Biotin, involved in several metabolic processes, gives strength and nourishment to hair, making Energy Vials for men an incomparable treatment for men’s hair-care.

Triactive3 Technology

Thanks to the exclusive gradual release Triactive3 Technology (Giuliani patent), the active ingredients contained in the formula of Tricovel® Energy Vials for men penetrate to the hair follicle and are then released gradually in 3 days.

RESULT: Tricovel® Energy Vials for men’s hair are effective with only one application every three days (this dosage is clinically tested).

When, how

When to use?


The use of Tricovel® Energy Vials for men is recommended when hair loses its body, is thinning and weak.

How to use?

Apply the contents of 1 vial every 3 days. A treatment cycle of 3 months is recommended. The product can be used on dry or wet and buffered scalp.

Where to buy?

Tricovel® Energy Vials for men – 10×3.5ml vials – is available in pharmacies.