Tricovel® Oil Shampoo Sebum-Balancing

Relief and well-being of your skin with Tricovel® Oil Sebum-Balancing Shampoo


Included in Tricovel® Oil range, specially designed to offer an innovative solution to sensitive scalp problems, the Sebum-Balancing Shampoo helps to normalise sebum production.

Pollution, smog, UV rays: the scalp can be affected by the harmful effects of the daily exposure of our body to these and other factors. What does this cause for the scalp? The alteration of its hydrolipidic film, which makes it much more sensitive and reactive to external factors.

When the weakening of the natural skin protection translates into reduced or, conversely, excessive sebum production – that covers hair protecting the shaft from the external environment – its natural self-defence capability fails. In these cases, it is essential to use delicate shampoos with a balancing action, such as Tricovel® Oil Sebum-Balancing Shampoo.

Active-Care Technology

The effectiveness of Tricovel® Oil Sebum-Balancing Shampoo is based on the innovative Active-Care Technology, result of Giuliani Trichological Research, capable of repairing the skin and strengthen its defences thanks to the action of 2 patents, PG3A and GLYCIRDERM, which restore the hydrolipidic barrier, reducing itching and soothing the skin. The extract of Ajuga Reptans (Giuliani Patent) carries out a sebum-balancing and protective action against oxidative stress induced by external factors.

The natural Oil Not Oil washing base, gently cleanses without attacking and with a light and pleasant soothing foam, ideal to reduce itching, tightness and redness, typical of sensitive and irritated scalp.


The effectiveness of Tricovel® Oil Shampoo has been proven by the results of a clinical trial conducted on subjects with sensitive skin. The use of the product after 2 weeks has shown:

  • reduction of erythematous manifestations
  • reduction of itching
  • reduction of tingling / burning

When, how

When and how to use?


A delicate formulation and a pleasant texture make this product suitable for all types of hair and, due to its gentleness, also for daily washing. It is also the ideal complementary product to treatments for specific problems (dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis).