Tricovel® Oil Shampoo Nourishing


An innovative nourishing oil-shampoo for sensitive scalp


Tricovel® Oil Nourishing Shampoo has been designed by Giuliani Trichological Research to provide nourishment and restore smoothness and softness to dry and brittle hair. Providing hydration and nourishment, Tricovel® Oil Nourishing Shampoo meets the needs of most sensitive scalp and it is ideal for hair exposed to the sun as well as to remove salt and chlorine.

There are many external factors that can dry the hair fibre and damage its colour: vigorous brushing, hairdryer and hair straightener, heat, sweat, chlorine and salt. The sun rays particularly dry the epidermis and damages the Keratin, an essential protein of hair that makes it strong and resistant.

In these cases you should batten down the hatches to stop dryness, using a nourishing and repairing shampoo to cleanse your hair.

Active-Care Technology

Tricovel® Oil Nourishing Shampoo is a delicate product that restructures the damaged capillary fibre while respecting the skin sensitivity. Its formulation is enriched with Sericin, a protein, obtained from silk, that has a high affinity with Keratin, which moisturises and covers hair compacting cuticles (outermost part of the hair shaft). Thanks to the moisturising and fortifying properties of Sericin, hair immediately regains its shine, softness and combability.

The effectiveness of Tricovel® Oil Shampoo in restructuring the damaged fibre and providing softness to hair doesn’t stop here. A patented combination of balancing substances – Taurine, Inositol, Betaine and Xylitol – improves the keratinic structure of hair and protects it from external aggression (vigorous brushing, frequent use of hair dryer and hair straightener), also prolonging the duration and intensity of its colour.

Finally, the innovative Active-Care Technology, core of Tricovel® Oil formulation, takes care of the sensitive scalp, strengthening its hydrolipidic film and relieving any symptoms of irritation such as burning, itching and redness.


The effectiveness of Tricovel® Oil Shampoo has been proven by the results of a clinical trial conducted on subjects with sensitive skin. The use of the product after 2 weeks has shown:

  • reduction of erythematous manifestations
  • reduction of itching
  • reduction of tingling / burning

When, how

When and how to use it?


Thanks to its gentle and not aggressive oil not oil formulation, Tricovel® Oil Nourishing Shampoo is also suitable for daily use.