Tricovel® TricoAGE 45+ Anti-Ageing Vials

Tricovel® TricoAGE 45+ Vials: fuller and stronger hair


Thinning and weakened hair? The passing of the years leaves its mark on hair, and beauty and femininity seem to be affected. Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research has developed Tricovel® TricoAGE 45+Vials, the innovative anti-ageing anti-hair loss adjuvant treatment specifically designed for women over 45.


Tricovel® TricoAGE 45+ Vials is an adjuvant treatment with anti-hair loss and anti-ageing action on bulb and hair, containing a triple concentration of active ingredients. These, thanks to the exclusive Triactive3 technology, are gradually released in 3 days.


Anti-Hair Loss Action. The formula of Tricovel® TricoAGE 45+ Vials contains BioEquolo, an exclusive patented complex of selected extracts of Ajuga reptans and Fermented Soy with lactic acid bacteria, which helps to counteract hair thinning and loss.

The anti-hair loss action is enhanced by the presence of Biogenina, patented complex that stimulates the activity of hair bulb, prolonging its growth phase, and has a fortifying and nourishing action.

Anti-Ageing Action. Thanks to ColorCare, a combination of ceramides (fatty substances similar to those present in the hair) and antioxidants, Tricovel® TricoAGE 45+ Vials is an intensive treatment against signs of ageing on hair and it:

regenerates the fibre by restoring the natural protective barrier of the hair

reduces greying helping to maintain the natural colour of hair.

The active ingredients contained in Tricovel® TricoAGE 45+ Vials are covered by 7 patents, result of Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research.

Triactive3 Technology

The exclusive Triactive3 release technology allows a practical application of the product just once every 3 days. Thanks to it, the contents of Tricovel® TricoAGE 45+ hair vials:

  • uses a triple concentration of active ingredients
  • penetrates rapidly the hair follicle without being removed from subsequent washing
  • settles and it is gradually released in 3 days for prolonged effectiveness.

TricoAGE 45+ Vials combine the effectiveness of an anti-hair loss product with the practicality of a single application every three days.

Where, how

When to use?


When hair appears weak, with a tendency to become thinner and lose elasticity and shine.

How to use?

Apply the contents of 1 vial every 3 days. A treatment cycle of 3 months is recommended. The product can be used on dry or wet and buffered scalp.