Tricovel® Anti-Dandruff Mousse

Tricovel® Anti-Dandruff Mousse is a daily cosmetic treatment that innovatively counteracts all types of dandruff. Thanks to its formulation that requires no rinsing, it provides an outstanding result, with a rapid and long-lasting effect.


Tricovel® has developed the Anti-Dandruff Mousse, an intensive daily treatment that addresses all types of dandruff thanks to a system of natural balancing osmoprotectors – Osmodefense® (Giuliani patent) – preserving the natural characteristics of the keratin structure of the scalp and reducing its cell turn over rate responsible of flaking, sebum-normalising and purifying components which, by remaining in contact with the skin, improve the scalp’s defences.Keratin-regulating: Osmodefense®Sebum-normalising: Zinc and Wheat Protein derivativesPuryfing and anti-flaking: Salicylic acid  


The effectiveness of Tricovel® Anti-Dandruff Mousse in 14 days has been tested in a double-blind clinical study on 20 subjects with dandruff.

When, how

When and how to use?Suitable for all hair and types of dandruff, it does not leave it greasy or wet and it is rapidly absorbed. Apply the product once a day for at least 15 days and distribute 1-2 pumps of foam across the whole scalp. Do not rinse.